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Sep 6, 2019

episode 34 / September 6, 2019

Jesse Itzler couldn't join the role, so Jeff hops into the role of life coach.  Callie approves a regular segment suggested by a listener, and we have LOTS of voicemails to play.  Some of them are impersonating a dog.

Typical 'multi-layered' Friday show.

As always, thanks for listening....

Sep 5, 2019

episode 33 / September 5, 2019
Kevin Hart has something that Jeff is jealous of and he's determined to get it by his birthday. Callie did a massive social media purge and WE HAVE A VOICEMAIL NOW! There are some things that just can't wait until later and we get it! 

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Sep 4, 2019

episode 32 / September 4, 2019

Callie has a confession to make about her laundry habits.  Jeff is inserting himself into a situation that doesn't involve him, and questions from Upside listeners takes a detour and we finally address and and close the Star / Jenn chapter.
As always, thank you for listening and...

Sep 3, 2019

episode 31 / September 3, 2019
Callie goes back to work and Jeff is paranoid about something. 

Callie shares a few new things about Jeff that she's learned about Jeff since they became co-workers and we introduce a new member of team Upside!
Katie here:
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Sep 2, 2019

episode 30/ September 2, 2019

We passed a major (and slightly weird) marriage milestone in our relationship and Callie is super excited. Jeff has had about nine bazillion jobs and we chat about our first jobs. Jeff wants to encourage anyone who feels stuck and we share Jeff’s favorite anonymous confession he got from...